Betta Lovers Guide Review – Does This Thing Scam Beginners?

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Betta Lovers Guide – Learn How to Give Your Betta Fish a Great Life

Betta Lovers Guide - Learn How to Give Your Betta Fish a Great Life

Alone in the bathroom, feeling helpless as my little ones cried. I’d just had to flush Ruddy, our beloved betta fish, down the toilet.

On a cold, bleak winter day in 1998, that was the final sad outcome on the very first betta fish I’d bought.

It shouldn’t have ended up that way. I remember the initial time I went into a pet shop and saw that majestic looking betta, bright red with flowing fins, crammed into a tiny little plastic cup.

There wasn’t enough room for him to swim. Heck, he couldn’t even move. Nor could he even spread out those astounding fins.

So I decided I had to buy that noble fish. I had to save his life and give him the happiness he deserved soon after getting treated so cruelly by the pet store.

But only some months following taking him dwelling, I failed. It seemed like even though I did everything I believed I need to, my betta still died.

I attempted once again with other bettas. They did okay (living typical lifespans), but it seemed like there would normally be one thing wrong with them. A betta would cease consuming for days. The next week one more betta’s gorgeous fins would split and after that under no circumstances heal no matter what I did.

I kept their water insanely clean. I treated them like pampered royalty, catering to all their wants. I followed all of the directions I could.

But nonetheless, there was usually some thing. I got so tired of it. I’m a grown man – which tends to make me ashamed to admit this – but there have been days I broke down and cried. I like bettas and would like to do almost everything I can for them.

About the only issue I had going for me was my persistence – my capacity to do in-depth research and my drive…[read more]

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Does It Scam Me?

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